Wedding Day Bits & Bobs

Little bits & pieces of Wedding Photography ideas to consider for your day

I'm super excited to be a part of your upcoming wedding. Having attended many weddings now, we learn, grow and find cool new things along the way. What worked well, what didn't work well, and what simple things can add to your wedding image gallery. The info below is just a guide with optional ideas, however, your day will be photographed to suit your own individual planning/schedule and ideas. x

Ideas to consider for your day


Confetti always makes a great shot. It gets your guests involved, and can be a lot of fun. BUT, do check with your venue prior to the day, as some ban it or will only allow biodegradable confetti. For couples that are keen on confetti, I recommend having a second small amount held back for later to do a staged throw with your bridal party. So if you perhaps are not allowed to do confetti at the ceremony site, then let's simply do it elsewhere!

Sparklers and bubble wands are other options, although they can come with issues – soapy mess and potential burns in clothing need to be considered. But these can be managed if desired.

Wine Bottle Spray

Shaking up a bottle of bubbles together as a newly married couple is very popular and again makes a great shot. Top tip from me is sparkling grape juice does the same trick, is more affordable, and you won't be wasting good wine! Bring 2+ bottles if you like and make a proper show of it all, and save the good stuff for drinking!

Bouquet Throw

This one is totally underrated. There's no need to throw your beautiful bouquet. Instead, just bring along a small artificial one to use for the throwing shot. This game can be a real crowd fav, as it's all a bit of fun that gets your guests involved. All the single ladies are placed out there in the open and they are advised they can try to catch, or, run the opposite way! We have done the best of three throws before and it ensures lots of laughs and great pics.

Coat Hanger

If you are having photos taken of getting ready, remember to bring a nice coat hanger and, of course, matching with your bridal party also. There is no drama if you don't have a super fancy one, but just make sure it's not a wire one or a plastic yellow one from the back of your wardrobe. While we are talking of 'getting ready shots', it's great to have an area free of clutter in your getting ready room/location, close to a window. Otherwise, a great deal of time can be wasted having to move tons of stuff.

Flat Lay Photo

The flat lay image is where we take a collection of your special bits and pieces and lay them out whilst doing the getting ready shots. Things that can be used in this image a totally random and optional, but can include any of the following.

A copy of your wedding invitation, bouquet, jewellery, perfume, wedding shoes, garter, veil, etc etc. Pretty much any special little piece of the day you would like to capture and remember.

Veil Shot

Wedding veils can be nothing short of stunning. Not all brides choose to wear one, but some bring along one just to capture the draping over the couple kinda image during the bridal party shots. I also have a plain 3 metre long white veil that I'm happy to bring along if you don't have one but would be keen to add those to you list.

Shoe Game

This is a great game that involves everybody to have a good laugh. Usually held after the speeches (but when ever suits you of course). Sitting back to back, your MC asks 20+ questions and you lift the shoe to what answer you feel it 'fits the answer best'. Highly recommend this one.

First Look

This can be a cool thing for many reasons. It also enables you to capture some couples photos prior to the ceremony, First looks can also be with mum, dad, or a grandparent.

Flower Girls

So many options to consider. You can choose a flower girl, or a flower boy, or for a massive giggle a flower man, or even an adorable flower nana. Lots of possible fun options to choose from.

My Role On The day

I'm going to be pretty close to you on your big day (in a silent ninja kinda way, haha!) So, I will be helping prompt you throughout the day as you will have a lot going on and won't remember everything. So, I'll almost turn into your personal assistant AND photographer for the day just to make sure you get everything you need.


Yes we offer video services also. let me know if you would like to chat video options

Ceremony time


Unplugged ceremonies are pretty common these days. Some couples ask their celebrant to announce it, some place up signs. It can make a photographer's job quite challenging at crucial moments dodging guest's phones/cameras, then having to edit out Aunt Betty's head and iPad in the middle of the kiss shot. I promise to take better photos than your guests, and once you have your edited gallery, you will be able to share the link with all of your nearest and dearest.

Walking Down The Aisle

I always recommend the walk down the aisle to be a slow and memorable one. This is the big moment that you have been planning months for. Many couples get nervous, but I always see the nerves disappear once they grasp their eyes on their loved one at the other end of the aisle.

I will recommend you pause when you get to the entry point of all your guests. Take a deep breath in, look at all your loved ones as they are at that point going 'awwwww'. Walk down the aisle with your head held high and smile - I love this part, and so will you. Enjoy!

Hold Hands

Don't be afraid to laugh and hold hands during the ceremony. It's your wedding, so create it however you want. I've seen couples stand miles apart and they have looked quite disjointed.

The Big Kiss

The big moment, right. My recommendation is do it twice. Just in case Aunty Betty has jumped in my way (trust me, this is the common part when the cell phones are reached for!) Take this special little sealing of the vows, and have a second go. (You will be newly weds and will love it).

Walking Back Down The Aisle

This part of the day makes an amazing shot. You're married, the hard part is all done and it's time to celebrate. Raise your hands/bouquet in the air, smile and dance your way out. I will absolutely be at the other end capturing you all the way down. An added extra AMAZING option is to get down the end, dip and kiss again. Awesome one - just don't look down.

Immediately After The Ceremony

This part is usually when all of your family and friends rock in for hugs and words of congratulations. I will step back and grab some random candid shots at this point. Grab a quick drink, then next up is the most common time to hook into those family photos.

Family Photos

Yes, compile a list of family shots you would like. I highly recommend you keep it simple and not too big, as a big list can take a while. Nominate a close friend/family member to be in charge of sorting/calling these people when it's their turn on the list. Yes, also send me a backup copy of it as well. I also ask to please let me know in a private list, if you have a close family member that you are perhaps trying to avoid (trust me all families have one). Saves me the embarrassment of trying to (example) put the bride with her father for a special dad & daughter shot if they haven't spoken for 5 years....get my drift.

At the end of the individual family shots, we will then round everybody up for one large group shot.

Grab me throughout the day whenever you want that special one-on-one photo with a special guest. Those candid shots are always the best.

Bridal Party Shots

This time away needs to be a continued part of your celebration. Pack a little chilly bin with some drinks for you all to take away. We do our best to make this part fun rather than a chore. We don't want to keep you away from your guests for too long, but we also want to create some of those lovely images for you to treasure forever. Do let me know if you would love some super fun shots in the mix alongside those romantic and traditional shots. Some couples love them, some cannot be bothered and just want to keep it simple. My job is to not keep you away longer than necessary.

Cake Cutting

When photographing smaller hours, we are often not there for the cutting of the cake, so we usually do a mock cake cutting prior to leaving.

Run Sheet

No matter what, they never go to a perfect timing plan. So allow extra time in places to allow for this.

Meals/Dinner Break

Client and/or couple to please arrange a vendor meal/s to be provided to photographer and second photographer/ assistant if working during reception meal service. Please request vendor meal to be available at the start of service. Giving time to eat and to be ready for speeches and/or evening shoot. MC to liaise with photographer if speeches are to be performed throughout dinner service. No photography will take place during dinner service of persons while eating. There is no need to include us in your table setting as we are happy to find a quiet spot to recharge before taking the next set of photos.

Biggest Advice Of The Day

It is your day. It will be amazing. Design and plan it however YOU want it. There are no rules. The day will go so fast, so remember to grab each other a couple of times throughout all of the chaos and reflect on what you have just done.

What I see go wrong the most.....

No matter what, somethings just don't go to plan. That is life right, and your day will go on no matter and most likely won't even care or notice. I always like to remind my couples that I see all sorts. but there are 2 things I see happen very very often. So here is my heads up.

  1. Grooms getting ready. If I had a dollar for every time I see a groom (or father of the bride) put on his brand new shirt straight out of a packet with the folded packet creases still in them......I would be gaining money. Ive seen grooms struggle with working out a few dressing obstacles (ties/braces etc). Not saying all males are not capable because some def are, but 100% recommend everybody be prepared what they are wearing and don't use the wedding day to do it.
  2. Family photos. Again this can turn bad fast. Picture this, you are just married, and keen to get on with the day of bridal photos, and mingling with your family and friends. But often your guests/family members disappear and hold up planned family list shots. So keep your family list small. Have a delegated support person to run this session who's not frightened of having a loud voice and who is also familiar with who is required in the shots. I have seen more than one bride now wanting to disown family members who hold this all up, and lists being cut short due to them being fed up. It can often be like herding sheep. So just be aware of this one.

Wedding shoe game